Jed McPherson is a comic writer. He’s mostly known for Deadbeat: a neo noir thriller about a deatbeat dad trying to reconnect with his daughter through armed robbery. He also wrote Jacob - a serial killer comic which he assures us is 100% not autobiographical.

But he doesn’t just write crime comics he’s also worked on The Show – a deranged reality-tv satire kind of like the Truman Show as envisaged by Hunter S. Thompson.

Jacko from the OGN Cuddles, weilding a baseball bat in a threatening way.


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Editoral Work


20-24 page script:
1st draft: £50
Subsequent drafts: £25
1 hour skype consultation: £25
Series Overview:
1st draft: £80
Subsequent drafts: £40
1 hour skype consultation: £25
1st draft: £60
Subsequent drafts: £30
1 hour skype consultation: £25
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Jed McPherson's talent is only matched by the sheer pleasure of working with him. Jed is everything you'd want in a comic collaborator; willing to put in both the work and the fun it takes to make a comic shine. I can't recommend him enough. Grant DeArmitt
It was a pleasure having Jed edit my script. He provided insightful suggestions for tightening dialogue and improving pacing and story structure. He was a true collaborator and remained positive and encouraging throughout the creative process. I would be eager to work with him again. Dino Caruso
Working with Jed as an editor has been such a positive experience. His editorial direction has allowed me to produce tighter and higher quality work that I can’t thank him enough for. Both my skills as a writer and collaborator have improved greatly since working with Jed. There’s not a script I write now I don’t send to him. Jake Napolitano

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